River Rock

I love retreat days.  Whether I give one to myself, or lead a group, I find them profoundly healing and necessary in today’s busy world.  Here is an outline of my perfect day…

This is where I yank the old roots from my chest,

Like the tomatoes we let grow until December, stalks thick as saplings.

This is the moment when the ancient fears race like thoroughbreds,

Asking for more and more rein.

And I, the driver, for some reason they know nothing of,

Strain to hold them back.

Terror grips me like a virus,

and I sweat, fevered, trying to burn it out.

This feat is so invisible.

All you can see is a woman going about her ordinary day,

Drinking tea, taking herself to the movies, reading in bed.

If victorious I will look exactly the same.


It is as if I am hoisting a car from mud ruts half a century deep.

I am hacking a clearing through the fallen slash of my heart.

Without laser precision,

With only the primitive knife of need,

I cut and splice the circuitry of my brain.

I change.

Author unknown

Engage Movement, Stillness, Nourishment and a Trip to Nature’s Garden

Our day will focus on being present, encouraging gratitude, and sharing our gifts. We will meet, practice mindbody fitness and have a nourishing lunch at The Yokibics Studio in Phoenixville with a mid-day outing to Black Rock Sanctuary nearby. In order to savor and enjoy the rich, natural wonders that Black Rock has to offer, we encourage you to hike the 0.80 mile, ADA-accessible interpretive trail. Along the trail you will see wetlands that provide habitat for mammals, reptiles, amphibians and migratory birds. The Sanctuary offers a wonderful opportunity to relax and discover the history, geology, wildlife, plant life and habitats of the basin. (you can include a perfect nature visit in your own neck of the woods.)


I will organize our time accordingly:


10:00 – 1:00 Morning Movement Time


` Gathering time

` Centering on our purpose for the day

` Bringing our intentions in

` Movement and flow! – the body as our sacred home
` Variations on Coming from Center – the path of the Peaceful Warrior

` Practice of Dharana (concentration technique) in movement and in stillness

1:00 – 2:00 Afternoon Nourishing Time


` Homemade Organic Lunch, juice, tea

` The healing power of food and recipe swap


2:00 – 3:30 Mid-Summer’s Day with Nature


` The Blessing of the Breath (recognizing Pranayama)

` Nature as Healer (taking conscious steps)


4:00 – 5:00 Integration Closing Time


` Sharing our Reflections

` Creating a memory stone

` Coming full circle: sending our Intentions out

I share readings and thoughts for the day along with Alpha Relaxation music selections.

Participants should have a yoga mat, wear comfy easy to move in clothes, have a drape or scarf if needed for quiet reflections, bring a sitting cushion if required, waking shoes, water bottle and a journal.

Imagine a community circle of individuals giving to ourselves in order to heal The World we live in.





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