The Language of Emotional Freedom

I came across this wonderful pledge on facebook through the razzlesdazzles page.  Do check out the site for more of the same!  All those shares he gets are “not for nothin'”
Not only is this a great message for it’s powerful content – take a long quiet breath on that one – in addition it’s a literal primer in the use of conscious language. When I teach the topic of emotional genius, I draw from an innovative series of principles including conscious language – a skill that anyone can pick up once the ears are attuned.  I notice words and the way we use them, and the way they hook into our emotional body – the very seat of our powers and passions.
Can words key us into issues of health and disease? You bet!
The words “I choose” are critical to the health of First Chakra territory – physically, emotionally, spiritually – the works.  The physical landscape is the base of the body, hips, pelvis, feet, and the legs upon which we stand.
The emotions we invoke through the words “I choose” give us a solid place to make a stand – to plant our flag with consciousness and choice.
Therefore the gift of power we receive through the words “I choose” is the power of consciousness.
To become conscious of oneself – to recognize one’s own guiding beliefs – to bring them forward to be newly regarded and committed to OR to be thrown aside, reformed and renewed – this is what makes a human being a being in alignment with his source information…
…and THIS is the basis of health.
When we spend any part of our life in reactivity rather than in choice, we are leaking energy like a sieve. Stop the leaks and you will have more useful lifeforce at your command than all the 5-hour energy drinks (or coffee) you can stand.
Just for today, use the words “I choose” in any situation you encounter.  See what comes up and notice if you are in alignment with what that is.
Then take a walk or do some yoga, all the while being aware of your choices and conscious of their effects.  Get active with your thoughts, words and actions – then get going with all of your parts heading in the same direction and you’ll be well on your way to better health all around.
Let me know how it goes.
PS – For more information see Fundamentals of Emotional Freedom, join us in New York for a live module, or consider joining an online Spiritual Warrior group.  I love this work! You will too.
Blessings to all,
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