Occupy Your Heart In Times of Change

Even as I plan my local events, I’ve been avidly observing the global experience of the Occupy movement starting with Wall Street.  I got to recognizing how many of us are starting to pop out of the numbness that our social – economic – political situation has engendered, and finding a voice for what ails […] Read more »

The Language of Emotional Freedom

a I came across this wonderful pledge on facebook through the razzlesdazzles page.  Do check out the site for more of the same!  All those shares he gets are “not for nothin'” Not only is this a great message for it’s powerful content – take a long quiet breath on that one – in addition […] Read more »

Creation and Vision

Fundamentals of Emotional Freedom is on Playaway! As I generally favor process over outcome as the content of this blog,  I wanted to share this launch with you because it taps into the process of visioning – and of recognizing the moment when a dream has come true. It is said that we often see […] Read more »

#5 Fear of Success

The more I listen for the voice of fear, the more I hear it through the denial we have of our own success – our our innate greatness.  Contemplate again the famous Marianne Williamson quote “it is not our darkness we fear most, but our light…” I have another reminder that came from Mystic teacher […] Read more »

Nourishing Ourselves

Another installment on the blessings of a meditative mindset… Last week I led a retreat on Long Island on the beautiful grounds of Planting Fields Arboretum.  The picture above is just a tiny slice of life from their main greenhouse.  Before we gathered in the room I’d set up for our yokibics movement and meditation […] Read more »


Recently a student asked me if yoga can help a person forgive toxic people – harmful events – the inadequacies of others – and ourselves. I started teaching yoga in 1977, and if you simply count the years – and imagine, then you must know I have had plenty of opportunity to demonstrate through a […] Read more »

Emotional Freedom for Everyone

My friend and fellow mystic writer Edie Weinstein just published an article in Wisdom magazine that features an interview with Dr. Judith Orloff on the topic “Emotional Freedom” and I realize more clearly every day how very significant this information has become – and will continue to become – for all of us as we […] Read more »

Reach out baby, reach out

Today this dreadful article appeared in my news feed – another heart sinking piece of  information highlighting the result of imbalances we ourselves create in our handling of the world around us. The full article can be found here on Walletpop, and the heading proclaims Meat tainted with deadly virus is being sold to consumers; […] Read more »