Know Your Spiritual Warrior Language

What could be more significant and more globally supportive to our future than to create a step by step system of support for sacred vision with clear mind, independent will, open heart, self-referral, inter-dependent relationship with life, and a health-sustaining belief system.

We can then commit to creating our lives according to the truth of this vision, and have something of lasting value to share with the generations that follow.

Living a life of contribution in this way is the clearest path to true happiness.  One of the most significant ways I support this has been to create a series of principles or ways of being that contribute to living a life of choice.

What Does the Spiritual Warrior Seek to Express?

Knowing that the choice we have in any given moment is the one we apply to our own way of being, we use conscious language to shape our frame of reference, and we begin with the words we say to our self.

I am

I am willing to believe

I am safe

I am innocent

I am enough

I am in the right place

I am ready

I am here

I am real

I am one with god

I am healthy

I am happy

I am surrounded with love

I am free

I am complete

I am a clear channel for healing energy

I am divinely guided

I am trustworthy

I am creative

I am worthy of what I want

I am the source

I am capable

I am talented

I am on purpose

I am certain

I am willing to forgive

I am honest

I am love

I am I

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