Locals – Yoga Therapy Somatic Movement Small Groups Forming Now!


Somatic Movement Sessions at The Yokibics Studio

* Bring your intentions and your concerns
* Get stronger and feel more grounded in your body.
* Enjoy deeper levels of flexibility and ease.
* Appreciate your personal limitations with compassionate care and address your strengths with vigor.



Weekly Framework


  • Physical Matwork Practice (Yoga Asana)
  • Breathwork Practice (Pranayama)
  • Mindfulness (Dharana)
  • Relaxation (Dhyana)
  • Conscious Language Skills



What is Somatic Therapy?


Yoga is a somatic discipline. Somatic means “the living body in its wholeness.”  Somatic Therapy addresses the entire living body bringing consciousness to all of its parts with the intention to create health and wellbeing on all levels.  Conscious yoga is one of the paths.

~ Every week we will connect movement and sound healing with specific chants by leading kirtan artists.

~ Mindful meditation and pranayama (breath work) for stress management and rejuvenation will open and close each session.

~ You will explore creativity using the 8 directions of the ancient Bagua Map for creating your own sacred yoga space.

~ For those who want a deeper dive, I will recommend book selections and readings for the week by some of the worlds most inspiring mystics as an enriching addition to your practice.

~ Each class will be audited with detailed reminder notes sent to you via email.

contact gael@yokibics.com


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