Seven Days of Yokibics Fundamentals

Day 1: Look to the first chakra of belief and recognize the power of consciousness. Become more conscious of your words and use the language of “I choose…”


Day 2: Look to the second chakra of nourishment and all things intimate, and recognize the power of actively relating. Become more discerning with your words and use the language “I care…”


Day 3: Look to the third chakra of self mastery and let go of all that is not authentically you. Recognize “you are a child of God and your playing small does not serve the world”. Allow grief to turn to ease as you use the language “I am enough…” and “I have enough…”


Day 4: Look to the fourth chakra and the journey of the heart through fear and faith. What do you put your faith in that is substantive and of lasting value? Let this be your guiding light as you heal heart wounds with the language “I have faith…”


Day 5: Look to the fifth chakra at the throat. Anger lives here – or protection, a strong will and proper boundaries – you choose. Forgiveness lives here as well. The language of serenity for this area of your bodymind is “I am reconciled…”


Day 6: Look to the sixth chakra of insight – the 3rd eye of knowledge – and give yourself permission to expand into what you already know beneath the surface of safety. Your places of pain are your biggest teachers. Use the language “I can…”


Day 7: Look to the seventh chakra of enthios – “God in me” – and open your crown to the grace of all possibility.


You are loved.

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