Purposeful Social Media for Mystics in Business

Lately I’ve had a number of requests from individuals and companies for help with their social media needs. Sharing what I know has started a whole new branch of my business! I’m not the biggest or the best, but I am real – I wish to be of service – and I do all my own work having learned “immersion style”.

Want to be a Mystic online? I’m sharing some bullet points with you on what I’ve come to know. Check this out…


Purpose of Social Media  

SM presence versus direct promotion ROI is akin to the long-term benefit of general fitness weighed against burning calories for weight management. Both are valuable. They are not the same. In addition, one can lead to the other.

Good to Ponder

  • Who are you?
  • Conversation  – what’s yours about?
  • Transparency – when are you available and accessible?
  • Where do you want the public to find you and your product while seeing what other people say about you?
  • How can you offer a valuable message that translates to customer satisfaction?

In the 90’s my presence in Creations Magazine was a symbol of my brick and mortar giving credibility to ads I placed that had a call to action.  SM serves that purpose today.

Rules of Engagement

  • Be conversational
  • Educate and inform
  • Be controversial and prepared to support your point of view
  • Use comparisons
  • Be the person behind the company
  • Respond
  • Listen
  • Contribute
  • Use @mentions in the public domain
  • Use #hashtags to create your own topic room
  • Use others #hashtags to join specific topic groups
  • Contribute to a trending topic to gain eyes on
  • Listen for what others are needing/saying/want from you
  • Listen for what others say about you
  • Share content
  • Uplift your customers by tweeting them up
  • Connect your customers together under your own cause or company #hashtag
  • Find colleagues
  • Be a niche expert
  • Post other peoples blogs as examples of what you support
  • Always share personally via @ and RT
  • Look daily for @interactions and respond
  • Search for and follow the likeminded
  • Offer your services no more than every 5th tweet
  • Show your humanity e.g. find social causes you believe in and support

Investment in Time and Energy

  1. Determine which sites you want to engage.
  2. TBD to create custom pages with all your contact info, links, logo, photos and background set-up on desired sites dependent on your readiness with content.
  3. Prepare what you want to post and/or what kinds of material you want to share besides general conversation (your own blogs, other SM, quotes for the day, tutorials, general comments, pix, music, you tubes, movie lines, anything) or know where to find good stuff that serves your goal.
  4. Block out an investment in time for getting started in the conversation and creating presence.

Once Established

  1. (2) 15-minute check-ins daily with an active intention to respond, post, follow, RT (retweet) or comment on what’s trending.  Never just look and leave!
  2. 10 hours weekly honing in to refine who you want to engage, where they are found, what you post, why you post it, and to whom you can individually address your posts in order to encourage effective response.
  3. Block additional time for researching OPP (other people’s posts) and using “search.”
  4. Block time for finding online media sources and connecting for PR and news.
  5. Upload your own media

Saavy no-nos

  • auto-follow
  • blindly collecting followers just for the sake of numbers
  • buying followers
  • broadcasting to your followers (your one-way flow)
  • following who is not following you back (their one-way flow unless you want them as a valuable contact or source of information or interest eg President Obama, US News Today, Cher)
  • following without checking who they are (spammers)
  • being a 24-7 advert
  • being plastic
  • being pedantic

Facebook and Twitter are the primary vehicles referred to above.

Linked-in is for professional interactions and should also contain live conversations with and for others if you expect to create something meaningful besides an online address.

Other networking sites can be researched based on their use for niche marketing.

Social sites are a goldmine of good people, interesting opportunities and worthy causes.  Your voice matters! Come join me on twitter and facebook and let’s have some fun!



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