Meditation On The Move! This Project is for our Children

We now know beyond a doubt that the positive effects of meditation for children is measurable.  My intention continues to be the creation of programs that bring increased natural health, better nutrition and fewer drugs to our youth.

Meditation on the Move is a collaborative Donation Program where YOU get to help me attain these goals by financially supporting the production of new projects.  Our current initiative is an audio program of Meditations for Children.  Having worked as a consultant with special needs children within the New York School System for a dozen years, I feel the need is desperate. I am so excited to open the opportunity to create a professional program of guided meditations and be able to deliver it to schools, hospitals, clinics and the public.

To learn more about how you can help, click here…and thanks for the support!

I believe it does indeed take a village not just to raise a child, but to raise global consciousness through our contributions.

Many Blessings!


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