How-to Navigate The Yokibics Way Site

Backbend StndWelcome!

If you’re new to our website and you want to know the lay of the land, here’s a short description of where to start.

The Home Page offers bites from featured articles on mindful living, as well as recent facebook and twitter feeds, live event information and our current Meditation on the Move campaign.

The Mystic blog asks the question “What Would a Mystic Do?” We look through the lens of spirit and address lifestyle issues, personal growth and holistic living in a practical way.

The Monkey blog highlights global initiatives, large and small that make the world a better place, and offers opportunities for your community involvement in living holistically from the inside out. Could you be the Hundredth Monkey? Check out your options for activism and see.

care4care is the home of Caring for the Caregiver reference and resource.

Pix and Vids has visual introductions to various mindbody fitness topics including The Five Tibetans system of energy exercise and The Yokibics Way framework.

Warrior Coaching is where you and I get to explore working together.

The Health tab offers information and research on alternative medicine and holistic health including meditation, mindbody fitness, conscious eating, mental conditioning and more.

Ask Gael is a forum for Q and A.

Our Market Place is The Store.  Here you will find samples of all our audio programs as well as programs and products for your wellbeing. Guided Meditation Downloads, CDs, Books, Personal Care products and a Custom Designed Audio are all available for online purchase, as well as registration for live events and lifestyle coaching.

Have fun!

Blessings galore to you,


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