Incorporate Meditation into Your Life

Incorporate Meditation into Your Life

by Jinnene Foster


Incorporating meditation into your lifestyle may be your goal, but perhaps you haven’t been able to get it right. Your mind wonders as you meditate. You can’t find time. You become frustrated. You still feel anxious. Just relax; these are normal obstacles of exploring through the process of meditation. To successfully incorporate meditation into your life, all you need are a few simple criteria: a daily schedule, meditation resources and the desire to improve.

·       Step 1

Meditate early in the morning or later in the evening. Meditation is about shutting out external noise, and quieting the mind. Meditating as you wake up, or before you go to sleep is ideal in that these are typically times when distractions are at a minimum. A ringing telephone, knocks on the door or the pressing needs of family and friends disrupt the meditation process.

·       Step 2

Incorporate meditation daily for short intervals of time. Meditation, like adeptness at a sport, requires perseverance. Realize that you cannot master meditation in a day. Rather, it’s best to keep meditation simple as you’re learning: 15 minutes daily, for example.

·       Step 3

Listen to a guided meditation CD. There exist hosts of listening material to help guide your beginning meditations. “Living Joy: 15-Minute Guided Meditations,” by Gael Chiarella, is a perfect resource for listening. Guided meditations are helpful because you learn simply through listening. It’s common to wonder, “Am I doing this right?” when you meditate. Being guided by an expert through the process of meditation takes the pressure away from you, and also allows you to feel supported as you’re learning to relax your mind.


🙂 Thanks for including me in your article Jinnene!

– Gael

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