Creation and Vision

As I generally favor process over outcome as the content of this blog,  I wanted to share this launch with you because it taps into the process of visioning – and of recognizing the moment when a dream has come true.
It is said that we often see what we need, or desire, or have a longing for.
It is also said that we are just as often aware of what we DON’T want, or desire, or have.
In the midst of this, do we always actually recognize when a vision or desire has become real?
Do you??
It is a funny thing – we humans continue to progress toward our desired outcomes and it is rarely a straight line. As we move and grow and new desires appear, with inherent new challenges, how often do we really stop and recognize the appearance of our previous goals and creations?
I notice that for the normal person the answer is – not often enough.
Years ago (September 11, 2001 to be exact) while in NY, I witnessed the surreal chaos of the towers going down, and I observed a clear and present vision on the inner screen of my mind.  At the time my spoken word CDs were just taking off – the variety of topics expanding by the minute – and my routine thoughts about how to do business were inventive and creatively practical.
Yet on this day, I saw something in my mind’s eye that was a future of sorts – my voice recordings in self-contained players I wasn’t even sure existed, that would be available in airports, healthcare facilities and hospitals.  It seemed a natural result to my own inner longing asking “what can I do with my own particular skills and talents to add a measure of healing to the world?”
I had no plan per se – nor did I immediately put one into effect – just noticed the vision of these little audio players as having already occurred.
Life has progressed in the decade since these events, with opportunities, losses and gains no one of us could have imagined, but here I am today with one of my visions made manifest – a spoken word program on a self-contained player being distributed through various channels all throughout the world.
Time has passed. I see my vision in present time.  It was not without effort of course, nor was it a big surprise, for many steps and preparations got us here.  More to the point it has been a series of synchronistic events and choices moving in a direction that felt right so that the eventual outcome matched my vision – almost a surprise – and now I am called to notice it.
This is the ah-ha of visionary and vision meeting up.
You can find many such stories if you study Napolean Hill (“Think and Grow Rich”) or listen to the work of Ester and Jerry Hicks (Abraham and The Law of Attraction.

This happens all the time – but do we notice?

We are so apt to notice what we have failed to create – literally – that we loose our ability to recognize, validate and celebrate what we do !!
How often have you heard someone say “boy I just realized my headache went away” when they were totally aware they had it but somehow missed the occurrence of it departing.  Or when you yourself mourn the “having” of a relationship, a job or a bank account, all the while sitting in the vision of what you have created without ever really noticing how it all managed to get there.
You are a creator!
I am a creator!
Today I am celebrating the awesome appearance of one of my creations, from vision through birth, even as the process itself was not as conscious at all.
Think about how this occurs for you.
What can you celebrate about your own creations?
Blessings on you and them, and thanks for taking the time to share mine with me.
What say you?
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