How I Create A Spiritual Journey Collage

You can create a visual representation of your spiritual journey with a few old magazines, a poster board for a large size, or a file folder for something interesting and unique.  Once you have collaged the interior of the folder, you can fold it up and use it as a practical reminder of the vision youi are creating.

Collage work is an organic way of capturing words and images that express your desire and creating a picture that is a manifestation guideline.  Pull images and words that attract you from magazines.  Choose colors that inspire yoiu.  Let the images that remind you of your goals be part of your pile. iIt doesn’t need to make sense – just to inspire.

Cut and trim the images and words – eliminate what doesn’t cut it.  Use whatever shapes you’d like to trim the photos into as long as you are happy with them.  Now stretch them out across your poster board and watch how the separate parts begin to blend into something brand new.  Let the whole of it speak to you – inform you and ultimately show you the vision of your journey. Creation and clarity meet as you put the pieces together.

Soulful creativity at it’s best!

This is a photo of one of my collages, What do yours look like?

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