#5 Fear of Success

The more I listen for the voice of fear, the more I hear it through the denial we have of our own success – our our innate greatness.  Contemplate again the famous Marianne Williamson quote “it is not our darkness we fear most, but our light…” I have another reminder that came from Mystic teacher […] Read more »

#3 Fear of Feeling

  I believe that emotional freedom – the sister topic of emotional genius – is the new frontier in human consciousness.  Daily we are gifted with new ways of knowing the body – and our investigation into the realm of the mind has fascinated us for eons whether through investigations of the unconscious, conscious or […] Read more »

June Series: #1 Facing Fear

We wrapped up the May Blog Series on Conscious Eating with posts containing plenty of tips on coming back to dining at home versus fast grabs, and some of the ways you might make it easy and sustainable. Recent statistics on food waste in the USA, combined with increasingly shocking stats on hunger inspired me […] Read more »

Eat! #11 Ingredients Galore

Today I’ve been chatting about conscious eating with a wonderful teacher and soul brother Ben Briggs, senior pharmacist and owner of Lionville Natural Pharmacy and Health Food Store, a family owned and operated business providing professional pharmaceutical care to the Chester County PA community since 1979. I’ve wondered what was different about Lionville Pharmacy since […] Read more »

Eat! #10 Yogini Style

What’s up in our series on Conscious Eating: simplicity! As a yogi who teaches all eight limbs of yoga, again and again I encourage folks to take your yoga practice (“yoking the powers of body mind and spirit”) off the mat and into your life in deliberate and meaningful ways.  Conscious Eating is a perfect […] Read more »