Caring for the Caregiver

 care4care is a personalized Coaching Program created by a caregiver for caregivers as we support ourselves and each other <3


Compassion fatigue can be the consequence of overexposure to caring for patients, clients, or family members when that caring does not match proper attention to one’s own needs. Caregiving is a gift and must be respected and cared for if the professional or family caregiver is to remain healthy and available so they can be generous with their time.


Unresolved Compassion Fatigue can cause the healthcare practitioner or family caregiver significant distress that can result in impaired physical and emotional health. It is important to understand that the development of compassion fatigue is not sudden. It takes time. It is usually slow and insidious and often unrecognized by the person experiencing it until things start to become unmanageable. Denial is the real enemy here.

The first step in care4care is to recognize that you are indeed experiencing something that is changing the way you feel and how you act. You must create much needed space to breathe, rethink and begin to regain a balanced, healthy perspective ensuring that you are renewed and ready to continue to give.

Caring for the Caregiver is the way we continue to thrive and serve.  Whether we practice meditation, visit Nature, exercise, stretch, play, sing, communicate, or just breath, self-care is the place we can reliably return again and again to find the center of our heart.

Dear friends, this makes my day! There truly is light inside the tunnel…

“I had an extremely helpful set of caregiving coaching sessions with Gael Alba. Her counsel brought forth my own capability, and the coaching helped me navigate through conflict rooted in roles lacking clarity. I feel like I can work toward the goals of our sessions by revisiting her book and CD’s, knowing that her familiar voice can center me anytime I need it-in person or on a recording.” SM

Our store has many guided meditation programs that can fit into your lifestyle, and you might consider care4care Coaching to get you started.  You can start with scheduling a free consultation right now!  For questions, email me at to discuss what kind of support will best serve you.






Blessings to you and yours,