Announcing our new site! selfCare Oasis

Hello, from Gael. I am happy to announce 2 new websites dedicated to today’s caregiver. selfCare Oasis ~ a Foundation for Self Care and The PilgrimsPath: 52 Mini Meditations By the year 2025, 90% of people in the workforce will have someone in their lives for whom they are providing some level of home care. This is […] Read more »

What’s The Alternative?

I believe you are inherently strong and basically healthy. Although I personally have a behavioral code of conduct for my own life, the Yokibics Process of Mentoring is principle centered rather than opinion driven. I am able assist you as a translator, a facilitator and a clarifier of what YOU have to say to yourself […] Read more »

Know Your Spiritual Warrior Language

What could be more significant and more globally supportive to our future than to create a step by step system of support for sacred vision with clear mind, independent will, open heart, self-referral, inter-dependent relationship with life, and a health-sustaining belief system. We can then commit to creating our lives according to the truth of […] Read more »

Here’s Some Holiday Love!

The holidays came quickly…perhaps you found the same thing, yet this year has been one of the deepest of introspection and gratitude for me.  Somehow I found the time to feel it all and savor the ever present moment. Who knew you could be busy and still all at the same time?I wish the blessing […] Read more »

Pain as a Path to Insight

Anyone who has ever suffered knows the challenge of finding meaning in the pain. Initially we seek a cause – we blame others – we blame ourselves – we blame inanimate objects or God. It must be someone’s fault. Ow!! Once we get tired of that, we resign, man up, bear with it, or get […] Read more »

Can Pain be Useful?

There is a way to relate to the energy of pain that is far more effective than resistance and blame – one that increases our abilities and gives clear meaning to our experience. “Once one has committed to wholeness, all that is not that will step forward to be healed” says the Mystic. Whether your […] Read more »

Occupy Your Heart In Times of Change

Even as I plan my local events, I’ve been avidly observing the global experience of the Occupy movement starting with Wall Street.  I got to recognizing how many of us are starting to pop out of the numbness that our social – economic – political situation has engendered, and finding a voice for what ails […] Read more »