Astrology Points the Way if We Listen

I really enjoy using my voice and giving the best value packed experience I can to all of you who stop by my blogs for some food for thought for your mystical minds 🙂

Here at The Mystic I mean to serve all who have intention to live in the Light.  We could all use a little help keeping the faith when we read the news of a world gone mad, whether we refer to the weather, the politics or the inhabitants.  If I can make this often challenging journey even a shade less formidable, then I’ve done what I am here to accomplish. 

I recognize that some of you are more engaged in the game plan that’s going down here on Planet Earth than others are – and that some are more able to step up and take your place in the natural order before we all “have to” in order to survive – and this is a crux issue if there ever was one.  

Generally, we can all improve our relatedness to what we can do to serve, but only those who recognize their own power will choose the doing with freedom verses force.

Here are some simple examples on the physical level: do you eat healthy food out of a natural desire for sustainability and wellbeing – or do you eat well because you had a big scary heart attack and your doctor says you’ll be dead in 10 years if you don’t.  Do you choose to exercise for the inherent health benefits or do you exercise because you were told you better loose 20 pounds “or else”…  

These are simple examples that give rise to the question of why we do what we do, and how much NEED is associated with our actions before we are willing to step it up into action.

I have faith that every healthy organism, whether single celled or a massively complex ecosystem, has an inherent wisdom that drives it toward survival.  That includes you and I. 

The difference between acting on knowing what we must do, and acting like we don’t know what to do is, to me, a matter of recognizing what is true versus what is convenient.  And this we can learn with greater ease when we tune in our emotional genius and move from apathy to a true ability for caring.  

I refer again and again to the words of Paul Hawkin who says “do not be put off by people who know what is not possible. Do what needs to be done and check to see if it was impossible only after you are done.”  

Very simply, it’s time to be far more mindful about what is going on, both within ourselves and in our world, and address the fears that we will inevitably encounter as we really, really look. 

A person who is emotionally free to progress WILL find a way to engage.

We can all keep doing what we’re doing well enough, but if you know that there’s something more, you can learn a language of emotions. That you can do. 

Experienced through seven energetic centers of human energy anatomy, this content is not behavior modification, mechanical intervention or hypnotism, although I am a hypnotherapist.

The work of emotional freedom is more practical than you might think and it is accessible to all who reach for it because it is a system. You will recognize the territory and the language itself in a way that is simple yet profound.  

Eric Francis is an astrologer and activist in investigative reporting (and you know how I like activists!) whose insights I both appreciate and enjoy. He works from a broad body of knowledge, and you can find him Daily at or purchase his full year in review at Light Bridge from the same website.
Referencing this Year, 2011 – he speaks of what we are experiencing:

“Chiron is about to arrive. Where Chiron goes, we tend to focus awareness and invoke a healing process. We get the option of mustering some maturity and directed intention, or courting serious problems. Chiron moves slowly enough to be a collective influence; it’s one of those concepts at the meeting place of individual experience and shared experience. But mostly, Chiron calls on us to focus on our healing needs and to respond to the reminders that we hear and feel.

Chiron in Pisces will call us to focus on our emotional injuries and to seek ways to bring them to healing. I’ve noticed in myself and others…a tendency not to seek healing until the pain is too great to bear.

Working with Chiron, I have noticed it helps a lot to respond to our needs sooner rather than later — no matter how long you may have waited.”


Like astrology, we are connected to more than the eye can see.  Just because we can’t see a blockage that stands in our way doesn’t mean it isn’t there (as we have learned throughout history over and over again.)
So…it is time.

I agree with Eric that one of the things that keeps many people from embarking on a healing process is an awareness of how much they must face, and how much they will need to change. It can all seem so daunting that there is no point in starting – or – the starting is delayed or postponed. However, much like doing the dishes, it’s easier once you get the process in motion.

Now is definitely the time to take the first necessary step in being honest about what you want and need, and about what may be hurting you.

If you are one who resonates with learning more for yourself to pass on to your clients and your community, join us for an upcoming Healing the Energy Body Certification Weekend August 27-29, 2011. It will be held in Valley Forge Pennsylvania. I welcome your presence.  

Coming soon is a six-month Spiritual Warrior Training deepening the subject of Yoga and The Emotional Genius which will be offered both in New York and PA. Guaranteed to be powerful and uplifting. 

As for what you can do right from where you are, go back through the blog archive and reread posts on the subjects of “chakras” or “emotional freedom” or listen to a CD or download program.  Learn to navigate your emotional landscape and you will be a powerful force for good.  The mystic says “desire is the software of the soul”  but we can only access the result of that desire when we remove all the rest that stands in it’s way.

May you be blessed this day and in all the days to come,

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