About Gael

Who is this Woman??

Honored by the New York Nassau County Legislature and The Coalition Against Domestic Violence as Woman of the Year, Gael Chiarella Alba is the Founder of Yokibics and has worked as an author, speaker, trainer and Warrior Life Coach for individuals and organizations since 1986.

Trained in movement, dance and classical ballet, Gael’s interest in humanity led her dancing feet to a degree in Psychology and Theology at St. Johns University in New York with a certification as a suicide prevention and crisis intervention counselor, thereby solidifying a mind-body-spirit approach as the basis of her professional career.

More important to her than the study of disease though, came a deep and abiding interest in the creation of health.

Continuing through various schools of advanced study in yoga, bodywork, psychology, nutrition, mindbody fitness and hypnotherapy, Gael moved from her own practice and began developing and facilitating National Conferences to educate inter-related professionals in the development of a complementary health care model. For these industry milestones she won national recognition as an innovator and a pioneer. Many of her visionary ideas are in common practice today.

Gael’s trademarked Yokibics Mindbody Fitness Program was named “One of The Nations Top Ten” by American Health Magazine, and she has been referred to as an expert in her field by the industry, the media and her peers. In response to a growing international market, Gael began producing books and spoken word products through The Yokibics Productions Company while teaching innovative classes in Yoga and Yokibics Fitness at Hofstra University in New York. In addition, she founded and facilitated the principle-centered School for Spiritual Warriors as a virtual think tank for the practice of higher consciousness as well as The Yokibics Way 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program.


with Don Miguel Ruiz


With a profound love of Earth and a deep connection to activism and wilderness support, Gael has successfully climbed scores of mountain summits, many numbered among the highest peaks in North America, and finds equal satisfaction meandering local preserves and forests. Her scuba training and devotion to diving the hidden caverns and sunken wrecks of the ocean floor has brought great pleasure to the water baby in her.

Her affiliations include The National Yoga Teachers Alliance, St. Johns University Alumni Association, The Unitarian Universalist Mid-Atlantic Community, Wellsprings Congregation, Adirondack Mountain Club, Divers Alert Network and The International Association of Yoga Therapists. She and her husband Bob share five children.

To find out more about personal coaching options toward greater health and fitness through The Yokibics Way, go to Yokibics Warrior Coaching.

Gael says –

“I think one of the most important questions a person can consider is the question of passion. What are YOU passionate about? Why are you here?

When I ask that of myself, I know I am most passionate about growing into myself – fulfilling my potential – feeling excited about life and the awesome unfolding of this adventure, struggle and all.

I am passionate about purpose, about discovering why we are here, making very sure I am listening to the subtle direction life sends.

I am passionate about ENERGY! My bodymindspirit, and yours, and how it all works.

I am passionate about truth and the willingness to look into the shadow.

I am passionate about children and the legacy we must leave for them, about travel, movement, caring, touch, the word “yes” and the unknown, knowing always…

life is good!”